About This Blog

Who I am: I am a professional athlete who, due to an injury, has temporarily moved in with her two older brothers. I’ve christened their domicile, “Neverland.” This moniker is both a tasteless reference to Michael Jackson’s estate (R.I.P. King of Pop), and a testament to the activity of the house’s occupants and visitors.

“Lost Boys,” which is a category I believe my brothers and their friends belong to, come to Neverland to play video games and watch sports. The living room has two widescreen televisions so that both of these activities can happen simultaneously.

Why This Was Created: Most of the “Lost Boys” are benign: they come, hang out, laugh, consume pizza, etc. But, one particular boy, who I will refer to as “Peter,” so as not to publicly humiliate as a massive slob, needs to clean up his act. Peter is my older brother and for the duration of my recovery time, Wendy (me) will attempt to train him, via polite requests, punishment, and negative reinforcement. Rufio (my other brother) may also contribute to the task by providing visual commentary, in the form of pictures, exhibiting Peter’s daily lifestyle, taken on his iPhone.*

*to be fair, any of Peter’s progress or good deeds will be highlighted and given a Fairydust Award*

Want to Start at the Beginning? No Problemo!

Click Tinkerbell to “Time Warp” like you’re in the Rocky Horror Picture Show* to the first post.


*If you get this somewhat obscure film reference and want to listen/watch that scene from RHPS before entering Neverland, Wendy won’t be insulted and will even provide the link Just promise to fly back after you’re done being driven insane by the pelvic thrust. 😉 If you have no idea what that means, just pretend like that asterisk never happened and click Tinkerbell to start reading.

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